A worldwide overview of the best burger bars per city, including my favorite rated burgers of hometown Amsterdam. Now living in Sydney to continue my search. Grading from 1 till 10. 10 is the best ever. What’s your favorite?

"Royale with Cheese" @ Rotisserie

What's your favorite?

Hej Burger lover,

Thanks for checking out my best burger bar city lists. My goal is to mention every burger bar in the world on this burger A list. If you love burgers just as much as I do, tell me your burger story.

Cheese and bacon please, flip that burger!

Updates: February 10 2019 March 12, 2015

The "Mojo Man" @ Suzie Q

Paddington's "Junior Burger"

Chur! Albion St. Surry Hills

L'art Hamburguesa Kiosko

Cheese b... Bar Luca @CBD

Burger Art

Lombardo's in Amsterdam

Burgers by "the Beef Chief"

Salmon Burger @ Fooddeco

Burger Bar @ Kolksteeg

Meat market burger in London

Burger Art

Burger Art

Burger Art

Burger Art

Burger Art

Burgers @ Cannibale Royale

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